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Hot blonde Charlie Lynn is on a quest for some cum while she is out with Porno Dan. They see a guy taking out some trash and she decides to pounce. She drags him into the car and takes him to Dan's studio. Charlie sucks his cock and has him fuck her tight twat. Watching her shaved snatch get pounded is truly a beautiful site. Charlie is such a horny, young girl, finally she gets the cum she so desperately craves.

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Hot blonde Charlie Lynn is on a quest for some cum while she is out with PornoDan. They see a guy taking out some trash and she decides to pounce. She drags him into the car and gets him worked up. They move onto a couch inside and before he has to go back to work she gets the cum from him just like she was wainting the entire time like the great slut she is.

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Cameron Love is a horny, 18-year-old girl playing in the back yard. She is a super cute, and tells Dan that she can squirt. Dan eats her tender, young snatch and she squirts in his face. Next he licks her asshole and fingers her pussy until she cums again. Cameron returns the favor to do and sucks his cock until he shoots a huge load of cum all over her face.

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Cameron is a beauty queen for the Czech Republic. She has long blonde hair, nice firm breasts, and the face of an angel. She drives around the streets of Berlin with our cameraman in a quest to find a guy to fuck. Our cameraman finds an American Tourist and tricks him in getting into his car under the guise he his having car problems. Our lucky American stranger is more than happy to service Cameron. He asks for condom, but our cameraman tells him those aren’t necessary in Berlin as the girls are tested. Our guy says he has heard that and is on Cameron like white on rice. He wastes no time in pounding her asshole, when asked if he wants her pussy he decline saying her ass is all he wants. Our guy pounds her asshole while they drive around the streets then shoots his load all over her pretty face.

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Britney Stevens is sitting down on a chair chanting, “I want bumps of cum” and demands the she receives her favorite treat. Porno Dan appears and offers to give her his cum if she gives him her squirt juice; they agree and the fun begins. Dan fingers Britney until she squirts, then she sucks Dan’s dick in return. Britney has had countless cocks in her mouth, as a result her blow job skills shine through. Dan cums on a DVD box cover and Britney happily snorts up her reward. With fresh cum up her nose she is a happy girl once again.

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Britney Stevens in Cum Hunters

Britney is a horny slut, and demands that she wants cock. She tells the cameraman that she wants not one, but two guys, and that she wants them to fuck her in the ass. When the guy driving her around pulls up at a gas station; she seduces two of the guys working there. This is one horny cock hound, and she starts blowing them both as they drive away. She fucks both of them as they drive around. She brings them back to her place ,where she has them take turns fucking her ass, then has the double penetrate her, as one fucks her ass while the other one fucks her pussy. This is one filthy fucking cum hunter.

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Beverly Hills pulls two nerdy, unsuspecting strangers out of an elevator, drags them into her hotel room and orders them to take off their clothes. One cock is simply not good enough for this prowling cumslut! Beverly climbs over the couch, slurps and licks both men like cocksicles, and she begs to be fucked hard in the ass. The strangers comply and take turns fucking her asshole while the other fucks her throat so she can’t scream. Beverly’s asshole must be elastic, not every whore can be fucked anally in piledriver without flinching, What a champ! The nerds eventually decide that they’re not cockshy and fuck Beverly together, one in her ass, the other in her pussy until they both cum all over her

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Bailey Brooks has big tits, bedroom-eyes, and a sexy-southern accent. It is no wonder that this brunette babe has seduced everyone from rock stars to professional athletes in her life. In this episode Bailey shows off her cock-sucking and squirting skills, and on top of that, Porno Dan, says she gave him the best hand job of his life. Considering all the hundreds of whores that have had their hands of Dan’s cock, that is a pretty powerful statement. She makes him cum multiple times with those skilled hands. Dan and Bailey leave happy and exhausted.

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During the introductions, Ashli Orion explains the important role of a fluffer. Madison starts off reverse cowgirl on our fan, while Ashli helps out by licking and playing with his balls. Moving into the cowgirl position, Madison easily pops his load into her mouth and on her face. Ashli is right there to share in the enjoyment as she licks the cum off Madison's face, lips and then some great cum swapping and kissing by the two ladies. It closes when Dan asks Ashli, you really do like the taste of come and she replies "Oh, I do, it taste good"! Moving over to Dan, he shoots his load all over Allie's great natural boobies. Ashli, with excitement and energy snorts it all up and sucks the straw dry. You can just see in her expressions how much she loves all of this and she is proud to be a fluffer.

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Ashli Orion in Snort That Cum

Ashli Orion has been doing porn for over three years and is known for being a true man pleaser. She looks like, and is the type of girl that will suck you off if you buy her a drink at a bar. Dan gets Ashli to squirt by finger fucking her wet pussy, but squirting just gets Ashli hornier. She has Dan fuck her sopping wet pussy then tops of it off by having him Cum on back of one of Immoral’s box covers so she can snort the cum up her nose. Ashli Orion is a cock craving, cum addicted sexual beast.

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Asa and Desiree drive around and find two guys coming out of the coffee shop. They ask the guys if they are horny and want a ride. Of course they jump in the car and go back to the girls place. Asa and Desiree show the two lucky lads their blow job skills. Both of these horny bitches go balls deep when they suck cock. They are like two wild women the way they attack dicks. Both sluts take their guys loads to the face and lap up the cum reward.

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