Michelle Myers in Squirtamania

Michelle Myers is cute brunette babe from Ohio. She says she learned she could squirt having sex the first night and has been hooked since. Porno Dan uses a toy on her clit, and she cums very hard. Then she used the magic wand on her clit while Dan fucks her with a bunch if toys, big and small. When she squirts she drips out sweet juices. Michelle blows Dan and goes back to some fun from the magic wand, and a glass toys and she squirts out a huge blast of squirt juice. She sucks Dan off and her cums on her cute little tits.

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McKenzee Miles, Vicki Chase and Lily Labeau in Slumber Party

When the party gets started, they first strip down Lily Labeau, Vicki Chase was next and then McKenzee Miles giving you three sexy and hot naked ladies. Yep, three girls all naked who start enjoying each other by kissing and exploring each others bodies. Lily, gets a work over with a vibrator and McKenzee with two fingers in her own ass. After more great three way girl kissing, Lily takes a two headed dildo, putting one end into her pussy and the other in McKenzee's ass and fucks her doggie style. The girls continue with a variety of fun from licking and sucking on McKenzee's feet, to Vicki, pushing a mouthful of water into McKenzee's pussy and having her squirt it out.

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McKenzee Miles, Sindee Jennings and Vicki Chase in Slumber Party

Sindee Jennings and Vicki Chase warm up by exploring each others bodies and when McKenzee, joins in the fun begins with three exciting and sexy ladies. Sindee, starts off with a little ass licking on McKenzee and Vicki is right there to join in. There is tons of finger play with the girls and you will see everything from McKenzee, putting two fingers in her ass while the other girls work over her pussy with some nice finger fucking. Not just depending on their fingers to get them off, they bring in several toys to help out. After some dildo play on Sindee, the girls work Vicki over with a very large black dildo and a Hitachi that had her squirming all over the place. Fingers, toys, well what else could they add to their slumber party? How about some whip cream. Whip cream it is and all over the girls bodies. Of course, what would be a party without Sindee Jennings doing some squirting. There was lots of squirting, including one time into a beer pitcher and then pouring it all over her body. The girls add a two headed vibrator that Sindee and Vicki enjoy, followed by McKenzee putting on a strap on and fucking Sindee first, followed by giving Vicki, a pounding too. Great scene with lots of girl/girl/girl variety, that was non stop.

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McKenzee Miles, Krissy Lynn & Veronica Avluv

Blond Krissy Lynn and Veronica Avluv are sitting beside McKenzee Miles. Soon, Krissy and then, the brunette gets undressed with the assistance of the hostess. Afterwards, the two ladies undress her as well as fondle and taste her ass. Next, they apply some lotion on her body. Their behavior is sexy as they rub their tits up and down her back. Krissy puts lotion on Veronica's body while the dark-haired woman humps Miss McKenzee. Then, Krissy is humping the blond as Veronica rubs lotion on her. Next, a lot of fondling occurs among the trio. Then, the pussy eating activity occurs with McKenzee starting it off and then, Krissy joining in on the fun. The sight of the two blonds sucking Veronica's love muffin at the same time is a huge turn-on. It is quite noticeable that each girl is quite enthusiastic in applying her pussy stimulating actions on the women. Everyone wants to show a very good job. Meanwhile, Veronica looks hot in fingerfucking the blond's asshole. Her smile shows that she is having so much fun in rubbing and sucking their sexual playthings and making them moan with delight. Afterwards, the toy activity occurs when Krissy fucks Veronica with a dildo. More very exciting pussy stimulation occurs whether it's self-applied or applied to someone else. Veronica is an amazing giver. As to the toy play, Veronica's passion continues to marvel. She even squirts several times while getting fucked by a contraption. The vaginal and asshole fucking by the electronic fucking rod is very hot looking.

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McKenzee Miles in Squirtamania

Drop-dead gorgeous McKenzee Miles is a petite, blonde babe, with huge tits, blue eyes, and is a the object of many man’s desire. She shows how much she can squirt by using her favorite sex toy, her Hitachi magic wand. She shows Porno Dan that she gives perhaps the best hand job on the planet by jacking him off and getting him to cum twice, but then she is so sexy it no wonder he came back to back.

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McKenzee Miles in Sexxx in Public

McKenzee is waiting on her laundry when Dan comes in the Laundromat. After some brief flirting, daring-Dan approaches her and starts making out with her. McKenzee sucks Dan‘s dick right there in the very public Laundromat. McKenzee gives Dan an amazing blow job and looks right at him with her beautiful, blue-eyes while she sucks his cock. McKenzee gives an amazing deep blow job then licks Dan’s balls until he pop into her mouth.

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McKenzee Miles & Lily Labeau in Squirtamania

McKenzee Miles is so damn pretty it is downright amazing. She takes on pretty teen Lily Labeau who is a five foot nine inch babe with a cute little bush. Lily gets soaking wet as Dan works her over with his fingers. You can hear how sopping wet she is, next Dan goes to McKenzee’s perfect little pussy. It is so tight and trim, she squirts like crazy from Dan’s fingers. Then two them blow Dan, Dan has McKenzee put her pussy on his face as Lily blows him. McKenzee squirts all over Dan’s face and he drinks it down. Dan gets so turned on he shoots a huge wad of man-goo down Lily’s firm-firm tits. Then its Hitachi time for Lily, McKenzee presses it on her clit while Dan fingers her. Then he fucks her with a couple huge dildos while she uses the Hitachi. This turns out to be the right recipe and Lily squirts like crazy when Dan fucks her with a huge black dildo, while she fucks herself with the Hitachi and cums twice like crazy. McKenzee then puts on a squirting display that is second to none. She squirts so much Lily says it’s like playing in the rain. Then they blow Dan and he cums a second time all over McKenzee. Then Dan fingers Lily as plays as she uses the Hitachi this amazing scene with McKenzee squirting even more…it is a squirt lover’s dream come true.

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McKenzee Miles & Kodi Jane in Squirtamania

Kodi Jane is brand new to porn and has the most amazing puffy nipples and firm, natural breasts. McKenzee Miles is a Penthouse Pet and no stranger to squirting together they team up for a great episode of Squirtamania. McKenzee gets things going by squirting like a sprinkler all over from the Hitachi. Then it’s Kodi’s time for her first magic wand experience. When Kodi uses the glass dildo combined with the magic wand she squirts very hard. Then McKenzee uses the wand and squirts more than anyone we have ever seen in all of our Squirtamania shows. After McKenzee fucks Dan and squirts more the two girls blow Dan, then McKenzee rides Dan until her pops on Kodi. More fucking, sucking and insane squirting by McKenzee and Kodi ensues and Dan cums a second time. A great squirting scene.

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McKenzee Miles & Carla Cox in Squirtamania

McKenzee Miles is big-breasted, beautiful blonde, Penthouse Pet. She looks like the type of girl every American man dreams of. Carla Cox is an all-natural, real- blonde, Czech girl, with a seductive Eastern European accent. They square off in Squirtamania to decide who the greatest squirter in the world is. McKenzee and Carla both start off strong as they squirt multiple times from the magic wand, watch this scene to see who wins. It is an epic squirting scene, and one of the reasons this series won the 2011 AVN Award for Best Squirting Series

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McKenzee Miles & Amy Brooke in Squirtamania

Immoral Productions contract stars McKenzee Miles and Amy Brooke team up to put on an insane episode of Squirtamania. Amy gets her ass fucked, McKenzee her pussy eaten and fucked and two of the squirt all the over place. One wild and fun scene, it will make you wisj you were there.

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McKenzee Miles & Amy Brooke in Snort That Cum

Following an introduction, Porno Dan provides some nice oral service and finger fucking on McKenzee that she responds to very well. When McKenzee, returns the favor by giving Dan some head and looks up with those beautiful eyes, they not only melt you, but will bust your nut right on the spot. There are some great close ups as Dan finger fucks the hell out of her till she squirts several times. When the cock sucking resumes, Amy Brook joins in and the two girls work him over till Dan dumps his load on Amy's sweet ass. With the cum nicely on Amy's ass, McKenzee snorts away lighting her eyes up and wide open in response to the cum. With a big smile on her face, she wraps up by asking for more. A excellent cum snort by McKenzee and what better of an ass to snort it off of than Amy's

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Mckenzee Banks, Amy Brooke, Shawna Lenee in Snort That Cum

The scene is a 'Fuck-a-Fan' scene. If you don't know what that is, it's where some lucky (and I do mean 'LUCKY') guy gets to have sex with one of his favorite female performers from the Adult Movie industry. this time around the lucky guy gets blessed by Shawna Lenee and Amy Brooke. Most of the time he is only fucked by one, but I don't think he minded at all. Porno Dan gets his share of action as well, from both McKenzee and the Shawna. Porno Dan does McKenzie doggystyle and McKenzee snorted it off of the other girls bare breasts, and bragged about how she liked it!

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Mason Moore, Amy Brooke, Missy Woods and Angel Vain in Snort That Cum

Mason Moore is sucking away on a fan, while Missy is doing the same to Porno Dan. Both girls work the cocks over real well. To give us a little fucking action, Amy rides Dan both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. As Amy takes a little break, Angel Vain provides some nice head on Dan and when Amy re-mounts Dan, Angel licks her pussy. Then for a treat, Amy lets Dan put his cock in her ass. During all this excitement and pleasure, Mason continues to work away on her fan with lots of licking, sucking, tongue and hand work. When Dan cums on Missy, Amy grabs a straw and snorts every drop of his cum up. Good girl, Amy! Mason still going to town on the fan, the other ladies join around to be part of the action. With her lips locked tight around his cock, Mason takes the load in her mouth and then the cum swapping begins as each girl gets a share of it. This is a very hot cum swapping scene. If you like watching cums wapping, you will bust your nut on this one. We wrap up with Missy enjoying the Hitachi with a great orgasm.

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Mason Moore in Squirtamania

Mason Moore is one of the sexiest women you will ever see. This exotic beauty has jet black hair, huge tits, a nice-firm ass, and looks like the kind of girl who will fuck you all night long. Mason starts of squirting from having her beautiful pussy eaten and over the next 40 minutes she takes you on a roller coaster ride of non-stop sucking, fucking and cumming. She gets Porno Dan to cum twice in her dirty-talking mouth. A true-blue filthy slut; God Bless her!

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Mason Moore in Sexxx in Public

Dan pulls up on and see’s wild busty, party Mason Moore stranded on the side of the road. Mason has been partying and can’t recall what she did and how she got there. Dan’s starts sucking on Mason’s huge tits then pulls down her pants and goes down on her outside. Mason sucks Dan cock and deep throats him with ease. Dan puts Mason against the alley wall and fucks her right there, and then Dan lays down on the asphalt and Mason sucks his cock some more. Dan helps Mason out of her jeans and they go into the 69 position. Next Mason rides his cock, her pussy is so sweet Dan can’t control himself and pops on her face and tits. He feeds her his cum, then hops in his car and leaves poor Mason alone by the side of the road

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Mallory Rae Murphy, Amy Brooke, Sindee Jennings in Cum Hunters

While attending an awards ceremony in Las Vegas with Porno Dan, the three girls decide to do some cum hunting and head off to the mall. Finding some guys to join them, they go back to their hotel room to get the needed cum they were hunting for. All these ladies deliver fantastic deep throating, aggressive cock sucking and face fucking. They move around and share the cocks, giving every guy constant attention. Toys came out and Sindee, uses them with her unbelievable squirting talents. Amy, decided to join her and the girls go at it using a two headed vibrator, jamming it so deep that their pussy were rubbing together. The scene wraps up with the girls taking loads back to back, together at times and tons of cum swapping to enjoy.

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Mallory Rae Murphy in Squirtamania

18 year old, hazel eyed, blonde haired beauty Mallory Rae Murphy looks more like a fashion model than a porn star. This could be explained by the fact she is the most unlikely porn star of them all. Mallory lost her virginity on camera, yes you read the correct. Young and naïve Mallory was persuaded into a doing an S & M scene a few days before thus explaining the bruises on her thighs, but nothing could have prepared her to squirt as much as she did. She ends up making love to Porno Dan on camera, much to the dismay of the cameraman. Mallory was so into the sex that she ended up having intercourse with him for the first time in her life off camera that night. She swore that night she would take the philander Dan and make him her own, and she did.

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Mallory Rae Murphy in Snort That Cum

Porno Dan is hard at work at his office when he is visited by his then girlfriend Mallory Rae Murphy. She tells Dan she wants to be on another box cover real bad. Dan says the only box cover not designed is for Snort that cum, so she reluctantly agrees to do it. Dan eats her fresh tender young hole that was virginal only a few months before. He fingers her tight snatch, eats her cunt, and then pulls out magic wand. Mallory cums all over his chair and he continues to use the wand as she sucks his cock. Little cocksucker Mallory licks his balls until he pops and cums on the Immoral skateboard. The moment of truth arrives and this former virgin puts something up her nose for the first time in her life. Watching all the cum drip out of her nose is priceless.

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