Amy Brooke and Ashli Orion in Cum Hunters

Amy & Ashli are two of the horniest and happiest girls in all of porn. They are on their way to a soccer game and decide they want dick, right now. They start blowing Porno Dan then start sucking off his buddy Little Mikey. Then they take turns riding both the guys, these bitches ride like wild women and Amy makes Dan cum by riding him. Ashli takes the load right out of Amy’s pussy then gets a second load from Mikey. They go to a bar and Dan’s buddy Ralph joins them. These two horny whores need more cum so they take him back to the van and takes turns blowing him along Dan and Mikey again. Ashli decides it her turn to get fucked so she fucks the hell out of Ralph. These are two are truly cum addicted whores

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Amy Brooke and Ashli Orion

Ashli Lobster has a HUGE ass. She is one of the dirtiest girls in all of porn. These two big-booty babes, are good friends as they met on our of Cum Hunters shoots. Ashli fucks Amy up the ass with a big vibrating huge nightstick while Dan keeps her powerful, purple toy on her clit. Then they eat each’s other pussy’s and assholes while they 69. Ashli licks Dan’s ball while his cock is up Amy’s ass and the two girls suck him off until he pops in their mouths, then they swap the cum back and forth. A great Cinco de Mayo edition of ASSmazons.

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Amy Brooke & Missy Woods

After enjoying a blow pop in her pussy, Amy Brooke begins to go down on Dan as Missy Woods joins her. The two girls give Dan a good working over with lots of sucking, licking and ball sucking. Amy even throws in some ass licking for Dan's enjoyment. We then move to Amy alone as she finger fucks her sweet asshole and really gets into it, you will really enjoy her during every segment of this scene. Grabbing a Hitachi, Amy explores the pleasure it gives to her. Her comments and vocal sounds are fantastic. When she has some assistance with it on her ass, she is so great to watch and she flows so natural and fucking loves it.

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Amy Brooke & Kerry Louise

Kerry has size 32FF tits, and is one of the dirtiest girls we have ever seen here at Immoral Productions. Kerry gets her first taste and touch of Amy’s purple toy and can’t control herself. Amy has Ralph Long come over and pound her tight asshole, and Kerry had Porno Dan fuck her in her gash. Dan can’t take much of Kerry’s pussy and cums on her asshole, which Amy licks up. Them Ralph cums on Kerry’s ass and Amy sucks down his spunk.

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Ami Jordan, Sierra Skye and Thea Marie in Sexxx in Public

Porno Dan is throwing a St. Patrick’s Day Party. Ami has huge natural tits has been in porn three months. Brynn Tyler teases her about her wanting to have sex with Porno Dan. Dan goes down her in the middle of a crowded bar. Then Brynn interviews s Thea Marie and teases her about having sex with Dan as well. Sierra Skye says she loves the tastes of Dan’s cum and that she is new to porn as well. Dan goes Dan on Sierra in the middle of the bar; next he puts his cock in her and starts fucking Sierra and her huge size F tits in the middle of the bar. Thea comes over and tastes Sierra’s pussy off Dan’s dick. Dan has all three girls take turns sucking his cock. Next he fucks Ami and Sierra again. They go out to the patio of the club and all three girls suck Dan’s dick while he shouts out directions to them. Dan lays on the ground and Thea rides him while Sierra sits on his face. The two girls change places Sierra sucks off Dan some more and he cums on

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Ami Jordan in Snort That Cum

18 year-old blonde babe Ami Jordan has natural size DD-tits that defy gravity. She is one sexy young girl, and Dan is all over her like white on rice. Dan fucks her with a Hitachi while he fingers her. She cums so hard her legs shake and quiver. Ami can’t take the pleasure and squirts onto Dan’s hand. He fingers her and makes her cum more and more. Ami sucks Dan’s cock, and then titty fucks him. Dan responds by shooting a massive load on her natural boobs. Ami snorts the cum of her huge knockers and then jumps around in shock as to what she has done.

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Amber Rayne in Squirtamania

Amber Rayne is known as being one of the most down-and-dirty girls ever to appear in an adult film, and she shows why in this episode of Squirtamania. Amber comes to the Immoral Studios ready to squirt and squirt away she does. She shoves various dildos and vibrators up her ass and her cunt at the same time as she feverishly works herself into frenzy. She shoots out her sweet squirt all over Porno Dan, then shoves her cock down her throat for one of the most intense and rough blowjobs you will ever see.

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Amanda Blue in Cum Hunters

Amanda is a horny coed that drives around in the car with our crew. She is on a mission to find some dick. Her camera guy goes up to a random guy on campus. He tells him that they are shooting a student film, where the girl is playing a prostitute. His ruse works, and soon the guy is back in the van. Our cameraman tells our startled guy that they are really shooting Cum Hunters; the kid reluctantly agrees to let them film him with her, as long as they don’t show him on the internet. She blows him in the car, and then takes him back to her house, where she rides his cock. She fucks him silly, and then has him shoot a load deep inside her.

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Alyson Westley and Nikka Noire in Squirtamania

Big tits and high sex drives. That is what Alyson Westley and Nikka Noire have in common, and one more thing they squirt! These two nymphomaniacs’ takes turns getting their pussies eaten by Porno Dan, as they both squirt in his face. Next they give him a double blowjob until he comes on Alyson’s tits, which Nikka eats up. Then it’s on to more squirting from an assortment of dildos and vibrators. They suck Dan’s dick and make him cum a second time. Talk about teamwork.

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Ally Kay in the Cock Sucking Challenge

Tender teen, Ally Kay, admits she does not have much experience sucking cock. She says she was a good girl going to college, then money got tight and she wound up doing porn. Young Ally shows what she has learned since entering the smut biz, by sucking as best she can. She looks so sweet and innocent as she gags on the massive schlong of Ralph Long. Next, Porno Dan devours her tasty-twat and blasts his load all over her. Ally shows she has learned how to get a good grade in porn.

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Ally Kay and Victoria White in Squirtamania

Victoria White and Ally Kay are best friends that love to do everything together, and we mean everything. Ally Kay is only 19 years old and has the most amazing round-ass you will ever see. Victoria White is a tall-and- toned California beach beauty. These two blonde babes team up to have some of the most intense squirting action you will ever see. They take turns getting fucked and squirting on each other over and over. They even drink each other’s squirt and drain two loads out of Porno Dan. This is one the hottest squirting scenes you will ever see.

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Ally Ann in Squirtamania

18 year old is always down for a good time, so when Porno Dan invites her to come to his office and she how much she can squirt she happily agrees. Ally, with her blue eyes and blonde hair, is a very cute young lady, watching her squirt from the dildos and various vibrators is a sight to behold. Ally sucks Dan off twice in this fun filled episode of Squirtamania.

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Alexis Golden in Titterific

Super MILF from Washington DC, Alexis Golden has marvelous triple-DDD tits. Alexis has her own site, and she is self professed lover of anal sex and double penetration. She also loves sucking cock and has blown as many as 13 guys in one day. Yes, she is a true-slut. She has an amazing body with killer tan-lines. Porno Dan wastes no time playing with her tight pussy, which she says clamps down on cock and won’t let go. Her pussy is nicknamed, ‘cotton candy’. She gets the Fuck Monkey aka Eric John to come three times in a row just by him fucking her huge tits. Then Dan fucks her with a vibrator. Watching Alexis is something you will never forget as she has one of the powerful orgasms ever seen. Then she gives Porno Dan a great, sloppy blow job, Dan shoots a huge load on her tits. Then Eric comes over and fucks her pink pussy and shoots his fourth load on her so she is truly covered in cum. The she gets her tits covered in whipped cream and The Fuck Monkey’s fifth load. She gets fucked with the magic wand so hard, she says she almost cried. Finally she jacks and sucks off Porno Dan to get a second blast of baby-batter out of him, then Eric shoots sixth load on her breasts. One of the Titterific scenes to date

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Alexis Golden in Sexxx in Public

Porno Dan is on the red carpet being his court jester self, when sexy MILF Alexis Golden, with her huge size 34 DDD tits comes by. In no time flat, Dan is all over this hot-to-trot cougar. Alexis shows how much of a sexual seductress she is, as she pulls out Dan’s cock and blows him on the red carpet in front of the entire club. Dan is so turned by Alexis, he barely lasts a few minutes and pops all over her massive breasts.

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Alexia Rae on Titterific Vol 4

Alexia Rae starts fresh as a titterfic star. Dan plays with her tight pussy and natural 36DD and eats the cream spread all over. Ralph Long chips in with his big cock and fucks her big boobies really hard and cums all over her face and tits!!

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Alexia Nicole in the Cock Sucking Challenge

Alexia Nicole enters the Cock Sucking Challenge and shows our judges XXXJay and Porno Dan a new way to give a blow job, she uses her vagina. Yes, that is correct the contest may be called the Cock Sucking Challenge, but like everything here at Immoral Productions we don’t always follow the rules. When Alexis shows the guys she will do anything, and we mean anything to get a high score see how it influences her score.

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Alanan Rae Titterific Vol 2

Alanan Rae with her 34 DDD loves to suck cock and gets her tits fucked by two studs. Dan licks her shaved pussy to turn her on. She then gets pounded by the other guy in her kitty and ultimately both the guys cum on her tits!

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Adrianna Kelly in Titterific

We had the pleasure of shooting Adrianna Kelly in the first scene in entire life. She says she only had sex with three guys in her life and worked in a coffee shop before deciding to do her first scene. She admits to masturbating four to five times a day to porn, and that always wanted to try porn, She said she found an add on Craig’s List which lead her to Metro Talent Management. She sent some nude pics she took of herself to Roxy of Metro and that is how she wound up at our studio. She has prefect size all-natrual 32-D tits, which look truly amazing. She makes Eric come four times in ten minute with her breasts and blowjob. Eric suds up her sexy, thin body, as she looks marvelous in soapy bubbles. She gets cream, pies and sprinkles all over her, and then asks for a vibrator. When she says it’s not strong enough Porno Dan pulls out the magic wand which she truly enjoys. She blows Eric while keeping the magic wand on her clit and makes him pop a fifth and sixth time. Eric is truly motivated by this sexy first-timer’s body and blows a record breaking seventh load of cum on her in under one hour.

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